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Yeejok Refillable Perfume Bottle Atomizer sprayer for Travel with 5ml mini pocket size storing your favorite perfume, perfectly transfers your fragrance without spills or damaging exposure to air! The unique design of this Refillable Perfume Bottle can make all kinds of liquid such as perfume, refreshing, breathing spray, and body lotion etc., easy pump into this bottle for daily use. About 80 times can be sprayed when filled up. It’s so easy to carry it with you to go to work, go to party, socialize and travel.

How to use your Refillable Perfume Bottle Atomizer with no wasted fragrance?
Take off the cap of the refillable perfume bottle.
Take off the top cap and spraying head of your big perfume bottle.
Put the refillable perfume bottle on the big perfume bottle.
Repeat press, then pumping up in. Rapid refill in seconds with no danger of spilling a single drop of your expensive perfume. Do not over fill.
Put on the caps.

Warm Tips:
Only filled with same kind of liquid for each bottle
Size of the refillable perfume bottle: length: 8.8cm; Diameter: 2cm
Applicable for perfume bottle with tube size as: Tube length:> 6mm; Tube diameter: <4mm
Please register Lifetime warranty follow the User’s Manual

Get it here only at Yeejok!Refillable portable perfume bottle atomizer for travel perfect for men and women’s most of perfume
Mini Pocket size with 5ml/pcs capacity, it can be spray 80 times when filled up. Aircraft approved for carry-on baggage
Easy pump to refill without funnels/spills. Rapid refill with no danger of spilling exposure to air
No leak. Novelty design with material of food-grade inner container and high-tech aviation material case
Ideal gift for family and friends. A great gift for birthday/Christmas/Anniversary/Father’s Day/Mother’s Day/Valentine’s Day

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